Frequently Asked Questions

A union is simply a group of workers united, so that they may have a collective voice in their workplace. It gives the workers an opportunity to express their opinions on matters pertaining to employee treatment, wages, benefits and work conditions. It is formed by the people for the people.

You will have your best interest represented and protected on the work site. On average, union members’ wages and benefits are considerably higher than nonunion workers. They have jobs that offer health insurance benefits and pension plans in which the employer contributes a negotiated amount, rather than being deducted from the employee’s wages. These benefits are protected in an agreement between the union and employer.

The meetings are designed for the entire membership to assemble and collectively make decisions concerning the Local’s business and affairs. We educate our members and give updates on the union. It is a key source for current information and a means to stay actively involved in the Local’s operations.

There are multiple reasons why someone could have had a "bad union experience", but Local 450 administration is committed to providing a quality experience for our members and contractors. We typically see the "bad union experiences" come from being misinformed, uneducated, or clinging on to a rumor they heard about the union that is incorrect. Though most labor organizations have the same fundamental concept and structure, it is the Local’s leadership and membership participation that lends to its success. Give us a call, and let us educate you on what we are all about.

You won’t have to. We use a roster system that is not based on seniority. It operates on a “first come, first serve” basis, and everyone is afforded a fair opportunity.

Yes. Our new state-of-the-art training facilities will ensure that our members have the best training opportunities and necessary certifications/licenses available to them. This is a benefit to membership, without additional cost.